There is many different ways on holding your parrot. In this article we plan to show you 3 different ways which we use with our parrots.

Method one – Flat hand : This method is useful if you are beginning to tame your
parrot. Hold out a flat hand in front of your parrot, he/she will step on if they are handtame. This method is quick and easy and it is useful when putting your Parrot back in its cage.

Method two – Finger Gun: Hold out your hand. Tuck in all the fingers except your index finger
so your hand looks like a finger gun. This method is useful for just holding your parrot on your hand and petting him.

Method 3 – The normal method: This is one of the simplest methods. Simply, hold out
your hand and tuck your thumb in (so your Parrot doesn’t fell tempted to bite it). This method is useful for flight recall.

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