Many parrot owners keep their Parrots on an all pelleted diet simply because "they are healthier than seeds"  Although this is healthy, it can be very boring for the Parrot if you do not provide anything else. Pellets are like cereal, how would you like to eat cereal ALL THE TIME?  Seeds mixes are not ALL bad because then they would just be pointless. pellets are not bad either, just dont feed them an all pelleted diet. Now im not saying that just feed seeds, heck no im saying the opposite. Seeds can be fed with other healthy items. So what can we do? some of the better quality seed mixes contain a variety of different healthier ingredients and this is equal to pellets. Some of these extra ingredients are: Pellets (they are healthier and your parrot will not get bored of them, because they dont eat that much), dried fruit (papaya, banana, pineapple etc), a wide variety of nuts (not too much because too much nuts can be unhealthy) and other healthier seeds. Dont get me wrong, it does contain sunflower seeds (which are fattening if they are given too much) but they need to have a balanced diet so yes that does mean some sunflower seeds but not all sunflower seeds. Im not saying you have to do this, cos that would be stupid, it is your own choice what you want to feed your Parrot because it is your Parrot. I am just showing my opinion. The seed mix which I recommend is Pets At Home Premium Cockatiel & Lovebird food because it contains all the ingredients which I listed above as healthy (this is what I use for my cockatiel, for larger parrots there is one like this called Premium Parrot mix on the Pets At Home website) but if you dont have that available, just find one with a variety of healthy ingredients and good reviews. Now a good seed mix is not all you need, although there is dried fruit in it you also need to provide fresh fruit and veg every day for your Parrot to keep it healthy. 

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