You Will Need
  A pet bird (obviously) 
1 X Chopstick  
A treat e.g. Millet, Apple etc 
A parrot training clicker
something which makes a similar sound e.g. An
 empty stapler.    
Hold out the chopstick towards your parrot. Just to see what happens after a while your parrot will bite the end of the stick. As  soon as he/she does this click with your clicker/stapler and give him a treat.
Do this a couple of times and after a while you can start to move the chopstick further away and you should find that your parrot starts to walk up towards the chopstick and bite it so it can get a treat. If he/she doesn’t walk towards the chopstick then hold the chopstick next to your parrot a few more times.

Now your parrot should be able to walk towards the stick to bite it so it gets a treat.

Next hold out the chopstick just above your arm and your parrot should now hop on to your arm to bite the stick so it can get a treat! Simple!
In fact this can also tie in with flight recall as you may be able to hold the stick and make your parrot fly towards you!