Parrot requirements

Purchasing a Parrot is a very big decision and is not to be taken lightly. A lot of people get a bird , e.g. as a gift, without knowing how to look after it and as a result of this, the Parrot suffers. This is true animal abuse.

When you think you are ready to buy a parrot, ask yourself these questions:

 - Do I have enough time for a Parrot?  

 - Will any of my pets be potentially dangerous to my parrot, eg. a cat.

- Do I have enough money to buy food, a cage, toys etc for my bird?

If you want to own a Parrot, you will have to buy your Parrot these items:

- A cage in which the Parrot is able to hop from perch to perch

- At least 2 or 3 toys

- Pellets or a good quality seed mix (if you buy a seed mix, buy one with a variety of seeds, nuts and dried fruit)

- Vegetables for your bird (any veggies will do except the ones with a high water content)

- Treats (made for birds)






This is just an example of a Cockatoo and a Cat who are FRIENDS. The owner has slowly introduced them, however, if that cat were to get annoyes, it would easily kill the cockatoo wich a swipe of the paw.

This is just an example of a Cockatoo and a Cat who are friends. The owner must have introduced them since they were little, otherwise this Cat could easily kill the Cockatoo with just a swipe of the paw. Even if they seem friends, the cat will try and hurt the bird if it annoys it simply by instinct. If you own a Cat and are thinking of owning a bird, keep the bird in a room where the cat can't get to it. 

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