Cockatiels (Or Tiels for short)


Cockatiels LOVE to eat!

Cockatiels are very nice birds and make great family pets. 

They are quite commonly used as starter birds because of their sweet nature. They can be quite vocal at times but are generally quite calm.


A Cockatiels diet should consist of A mixture of Pellet and Seed, Fresh fruit and Vegetables,A small amount of Treats, and some Table food. 

How long do they live?

Cockatiels can live very long if they are given the correct diet. The average life span of a cockatiel is 15-20 however a healthy Cockatiel can live for 20 - 25 years and maybe even 30!


Budgerigars (Or Budgies for short)



Just like cockatiels, Budgerigars are usually very friendly. They can get loud at times, but usually they aren't too loud. Budgerigars are also the most bought parrot in the world!

How long do they live for?

A Budgies average life expectancy ranges from 5-8 years. 


A Budgie's diet should consist of a mixture of Pellets and Seed, Fresh fruit and Vegetables,A small amount of Treats, and some Table food. You shouldn't use treats too often as when you are training, your budgie won't consider your treats as 'special' and therefore may not perform the trick, thinking he/she will get a treat later anyway. 


Blue & Gold Macaw

Macaws make a great family pet. They are also great for teaching tricks and training to talk.

How long will my Macaw live for?

Macaw's are know for living for a long time. Their average life expectancy ranges from 60-80 Years.


A macaw should get a variety of fresh fruit and veg and also a good seed mix. Mixed nuts are also good for macaws. Makee sure to wash the fresh fruit and vegetable, before cutting it up into small pieces,small enough for the macaw to swallow.  

Macaw FAQ. 

Q:I want to buy a cage for my macaw but is a macaw a big, small or medium bird?

A:Macaws are large birds. The bigger the cage the better. They will need a minimum cage size of at least 3 feet by 2 feet by 5 feet. 

Q:Do Macaws talk? 

A:Yes! Almost all Macaws can learn to imitate noises which they hear, however they will need to be trained to do so. Some species of macaws like blue and gold macaws are easier to train to speak than others. 

A good starting point is starting with the food you feed your macaw. Teach it the difference between bananas, oranges and apples, or the difference between seed and nut. 

When you enter the room say hello, and remember to say goodbye, or just bye when you leave. Your macaw will slowly be able to pick various words up and learn them.

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