A Brief Update

April 11, 2012
It has been a while since a blog post, until now. 
This is just a brief update and also a review of the last couple of months. 
A little while ago we uploaded a video called Ladu Playing With Toys which can be viewed here   

We hope to upload some more videos soon. 
A few months ago we also set up our own forum which can be viewed at http://www.trainingyourparrot.freeforums.org 
Please sign up! 
Also a bug where videos won't display on the videos page has been fixed.
We have also upgraded the subscribe page to a much better interface. Please sign up to get emails about various different parrot training methods. 
We also hope to expand our app to more platforms such as iOS and Blackberry (you will hear more about this soon) 

Please keep checking out our site and pay a visit to our forum and our YouTube channel! 

Introducing The Training Your Parrot Forum!

January 17, 2012
The TYP Team is proud to say that we now have a forum! 
You can talk to real parrot owners just like you or if you are thinking of getting a parrot then the forum is just as perfect! 
Talk to other forum users about parrots, training parrots, bird advice, getting your parrot to talk and much more!  
Share many of your parrot tales and don't forget to introduce you and your parrot flock!

Make sure to take a look and sign up at:

 Training Yo...

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Parrot Profile Results

November 5, 2011
We are happy to announce that the winner of the Parrot Profile Competition is Aisha and her Cockatiel Gatusso. So we are taking this oppurtunity to congratulate Aisha and Gatusso and we would like to thank everyone for Participating. Gatusso`s Parrot Profile will appear on the home page of the site and there will be a picture of him as well.  

Better luck next time if you didn't win,
Training Your Parrot

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New App! (yes you read right!)

September 27, 2011
The TYP team is proud to announce the brand new TrainYourParrot app. The app is currently available on both the android market and the Nokia Ovi Store. Please get this app and give it a five star rating and good review! 
We are hoping to get this app on other application stores but we will need your support! 
Please get this app! 
The Training Your Parrot Team

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Flight Recall

September 2, 2011
You Will Need:
·         A Parrot/ Bird
·         A Treat e.g Millet ( I use apple but whatever your Parrot likes best)
·         A  Parrot Clicker
·         A Training perch (or if your cage opens at the top and you can stick a perch in between, use that)

 Now first your bird should be on the perch. Steps: 
1) Make sure your bird is on its perch 

2) Hold your Parrots preffered treat behind your hand. Your hand should be not too far away from ...

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Training Your Parrot to step up using Target Training

September 2, 2011
You Will Need
  A pet bird (obviously) 
1 X Chopstick  
A treat e.g. Millet, Apple etc 
A parrot training clicker
something which makes a similar sound e.g. An
 empty stapler.    
Hold out the chopstick towards your parrot. Just to see what happens after a while your parrot will bite the end of the stick. As  soon as he/she does this click with your clicker/stapler and give him a treat.
Do this a couple of times and after a while you can start to move the chopstick further away and you...

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The perfect seed mix

August 29, 2011

Many parrot owners keep their Parrots on an all pelleted diet simply because "they are healthier than seeds"  Although this is healthy, it can be very boring for the Parrot if you do not provide anything else. Pellets are like cereal, how would you like to eat cereal ALL THE TIME?  Seeds mixes are not ALL bad because then they would just be pointless. pellets are not bad either, just dont feed them an all pelleted diet. Now im not saying that just feed seeds, heck no im saying the opposite. S...

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How to hold your Parrot

August 16, 2011
There is many different ways on holding your parrot. In this article we plan to show you 3 different ways which we use with our parrots.

Method one – Flat hand : This method is useful if you are beginning to tame your
parrot. Hold out a flat hand in front of your parrot, he/she will step on if they are handtame. This method is quick and easy and it is useful when putting your Parrot back in its cage.

Method two – Finger Gun: Hold out your hand. Tu...

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My Cockatiel Injured

July 6, 2011
Hi guys, 

I'm just letting you know that on saturday, Ladu (my cockatiel), flew into a glass roof and some crest feathers fell out. Now, his head has a little scab on it and also a small cut on the top of his beak. It is a small injury but he still needs some rest.Because of this I will be taking him to the avian vet. I informed you on this as we will not be able to do any training videos until his injury has healed. He should be okay soon but the target training video will have to be delayed ...

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TYP Blog Newsletter Issue 1

July 1, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                                 TO RECEIVE THESE NEWSLETTERS BY EMAIL PLEASE GO TO OUR SUBSCRIPTIONS PAGE



friday 1st july 2011

 In this issue

·         Training your parrot

·         Flight Recall

·         Random Tips

·         The Monthly Parrot Joke

   Parrot training-Flight Recall...

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